Watchdog condemns violence in Westonaria Service Delivery Protests:-

We want to see the Premier of Gauteng Mrs Nomvula Mokonyane establish a task team and investigate the allegations of fraud and corruption against officials of the Westonaria Local Municipality and meet with the concerned community larders.

Two people tragedy lost their life during this service delivery protests and our condolences go out to the friends and family members. Service delivery protests is now escalating to Simunye a township near Bekkersdal were the protests started in full swing on Monday.

We condemns violence against people and municipal property in any possible way and would like to see community leaders to suspend the service delivery protests and go back to the table and see if there is not a better resolution for this situation. Residents are now going to suffer because of the burned down community centre as community members made use of it and if the Westonaria Local Municipality decided to repair this facility that it will be with tax payer’s money that could have been spent ells ware.

We as the Municipality Watchdog are sceptic to see that the Westonaria Local Municipality incorporated into a metro after the 2016 Municipal Elections with other municipalities like the Mogale City Local Municipality, Randfontein Local Municipality, West Rand District Municipality and the Merafong Local Municipality as this merge can have a huge impact on service delivering.

Residents residing in Randfontein took part in service delivery protests earlier this year as they seen red and opposed against this merger.

The Municipality Watchdog opposes the metro concept and believes that we cannot afford another situation similar to the toll roads, when communities and stakeholders are only consulted after the fact.

The Municipality Watchdog calls on all residents to join us in opposing these plans.

We also call on the residents of the affected municipalities to ensure that they participate in the public processes for the demarcation of municipal boundaries of municipalities in Gauteng.

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Technology improves financial sustainability at African municipalities

Municipalities across Africa are adopting new technology and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) options in their efforts to increase revenue collection. Increased revenue collection, and the management thereof, will improve the ability of the municipality to sustain and even expand service delivery to their residents and customers.

Many African countries have already recognised the pivotal role that technology plays in achieving successful revenue collection. A recently launched electronic tax payment system in Tanzania has shown remarkable increases in revenue collection. Since it was launched earlier this year nearly US$3million has been collected, a 57% increase on the same period for the previous year. The new system allows tax payers to remit their payments using mobile phones.

In Osun State in Nigeria, deployment of a new ICT system has enabled a 100% rise in the monthly internally generated revenue from US$1.8million to US$3.7million over the course of a year. The previous methods of payment and tax administration, which were fraught with leakages and loopholes, have been discarded and a new ICT-driven revenue and taxation management system was introduced with instant results. The state now stands on much stronger financial ground which has enabled it to serve the people better.

African municipal managers and town clerks from across the continent are heading to Johannesburg for the Syntell Sustainability Forum next month, to learn more about how technology can save money for their municipalities. The forum is unique in that it is uniting municipalities, utilities and road traffic authorities from across the continent to confront the massive challenges they are facing with revenue collection, management and accountability. The event will encourage all key stakeholders within the local government sector from Africa to share best practices so that pockets of excellence can be replicated.

“This timely forum provides an opportunity for those active in Africa’s local government sector to learn and prepare for the introduction of technology solutions.” says Mr Martin Achar of the Mombasa City Council in Kenya. Mr Achar joins a panel discussion with other African municipal managers including Mr Andile Fani from Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality in South Africa and Mr Ernest Sumani from Ndola City Council in Zambia at the Syntell Sustainability Forum. They will discuss the daily challenges and opportunities faced in their efforts to build financially sustainable and mobile cities.

The Syntell Sustainability Forum aims to change the status quo of the African municipality by creating a learning and knowledge exchange forum that allows African municipalities to identify systematic and technological solutions, and put procedures in place, to meet their financial targets.

The forum is sponsored by Syntell, Sebata, Touchwork, UMS and WITS Graduate School of Public and Development Management, and provides a dedicated platform for cross-border collaboration and shared learning amidst the African local government sector. With specialised programmes designed for municipalities and utilities, and road traffic authorities, the Syntell Sustainability Forum is the only African forum that will bring together decision makers from all aspects of local government and municipalities under one roof.

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Syntell Sustainability 2013


Krugersdorp Water Crisis: One problem, two stories

Who are to blame for the recent spate of water shortages in Krugersdorp and who do we held accountable for this, according to the recent information we received in that Rand Water is behind this crisis and no information is forthcoming from the Mogale City Local Municipality.

According to media reports it all started because of a burst pipe and the Kenmare reservoir was shut down for maintenance by the Mogale City Local Municipality on the 1St September 2013 and it was promise to residents that it will be fully resolved by the 28th September 2013. In another report Justice Mohale, Rand Water’s Media Relations Manager said the reservoir has been shutdown by them to do repairs n the F35 pipeline.

Residents staying in Rangeview, Rant-en-Dal, Feather Brooke, Muldersdrift, Noordheuwel, Kenmare, and Monument are affected as this in not the first time this year that they have to struggle without water our limited water and other rumours recently surfaced that the Kenmare reservoir is not filling fast and other residents uses more water then they should.

The Municipality Watchdog received complaints from residents staying in these areas once again experienced limited or non supply of water to them over the Weekend 11th to 13th October 2013.

The  Municipality Watchdog  have sent a request to  the premier of Gauteng Mrs Nomvula Mokonyane on the 14th September 2013 to intervene into Krugersdorp water crisis but up to now we did not receive any feedback from her office.

Water interruptions reflect poor service delivery, residents in the affected areas are furious and the emotions are running havoc, as the Municipality Watchdog we are planning to start a petition on municipal taxes, we are also planning to involve other stake holders to investigate this matter such as the Department of Water Affairs.

As residents of Krugersdorp, we will most definitely hold the Council and senior management accountable, but as the water service provider to the Mogale City Local Municipality, Rand Water cannot leave residents in the dark. It creates the perception that Rand Water and the Mogale City Local Municipality  do not care, do not respect residents or do not know how or are unable to solve the problem and deliberately chooses to ignore residents, the very people that actually pay their account for water supplied, despite not having a direct link to Rand Water. However, residents are part of the municipality as disclosed in the Systems Act and the approach by Rand water is therefore incorrect. Despite assurances by the municipality that they have met with a delegation from Rand Water and that industrial and big consumers would be taken on board to reduce consumption to allow reservoirs to fill up, the above is the situation tonight. The Municipality Watchdog is tonight merely the voice of the people negatively affected by the non-supply and at this stage, actually in total darkness as to when the crises would be solved. Residents even today approached Municipality Watchdog  with a request to organize the withholding of payments to the municipality, an approach not yet supported by us, but seen as a method to send a clear cut message to the administration and Council that their loyalty (and finances) must not be taken for granted.

The Total ignorance to date by Rand Water and the Mogale City Local Municipality, this can only is interpreted as a total disrespect for the plight of residents who do not have water to flush their toilets, prepare food etc. Having the added advantage of being a mother, you will understand that small children and even baby’s suffer the most in such instances and it is the woman who are most upset by non-supply, given their added responsibilities to manage the food and children above their work related duties.

Deon Nel who suffers from Motor Neurone Disease (MND, is a Resident of Noordheuwel and are very much effected by this water interruptions, his wife needs a lot of water to come true the day as the water needs to be pre-boiled etc.

Basic Water is a necessity and everybody’s   human right as set out in Section 27 in the constitution of the Republic of South Afica: the rights to foodwaterhealth care and social assistance, which the state must progressively realise within the limits of its resources. What happened to the (Batho Pele – caring, empathy, respect, recognition, value, reward, compassion and consultation) principals, that was adopted by Local and Provincial Government.

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