Watchdog condemns violence in Mossel Bay Service Delivery Protests:-

The Municipality Watchdog would like to see Mrs. Helen Zille, Premier of the Western Cape,  intervene and meet with the

Picture: @JolindyDreyer | Twitter
Picture: @JolindyDreyer | Twitter

concern Community and Mossel Bay Municipality.

We condemns violence against people and municipal and private property in any possible way and would like to see community leaders to suspend the service delivery protests and go back to the table and see how they can resolve this situation.

Service Delivery protests are taking place all over South Africa, tension is running high. We celebrated 20 years of democracy and this practice is still shocking.

Mayors and Municipal Managers must be held accountable for this practice and we would like to call on all political parties not to make promises to resident’s prior elections, which they can’t keep. We would like to encourage people to make sure they are registered to vote in the 2016 municipal elections and go and fight at the polls and support a party of their choice and a party that can deliver services to the best of their ability.

For More Information don’t hesitate to contact:
Andrè Pieterse – Founder Municipality Watchdog

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One thought on “Watchdog condemns violence in Mossel Bay Service Delivery Protests:-

  1. First get your facts straight before you comment. What’s happening here in Mossel Bay has nothing to do with service delivery. We have by-elections in a DA ward in the townships today. It is very clear that some people want to disrupt the peace in Mossel Bay. We have a fantastic Municipality, one of the top 5 in the country, which deliver a service of more than 100%. Bus loads of people are brought here from the Eastern Cape from time to time. Although our Municipality try their best to accommodate these arrivals, it is impossible to deliver service immediately.

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