Water interruptions causing Havoc in Gauteng:-

Who are to blame for the recent spate of water shortages in Gauteng.

This comes after a power outage affected the Eikenhof pumping station of Rand Water. Residents of the City of Johannesburg, West Rand and Ekhuruleni Metropolitan municipality, are currently affected and have to struggle with no water or a limited supply.

The Municipality Watchdog will request the Minister of Water and Sanitation Ms Nomvula Mokonyane to intervene and investigate this matter.

Water interruptions reflect poor service delivery, residents in the affected areas are furious and the emotions are running high.

The Municipality Watchdog is today merely the voice of the people negatively affected by the non-supply and at this stage, actually in total darkness as to when the crisis would be solved. Residents even today approached Municipality Watchdog  with a request to organize the withholding of payments to the municipalities, an approach not yet supported by us, but seen as a method to send a clear cut message to the administration and Council that their loyalty (and finances) must not be taken for granted.

This can only be interpreted as a total disrespect for the plight of residents who do not have water to flush their toilets, prepare food etc. Having the added advantage of being a mother, you will understand that small children and even baby’s suffer the most in such instances and it is the woman who are most upset by non-supply, given their added responsibilities to manage the food and children above their work related duties.

Deon Nel who suffers from Motor Neuron Disease (MND, is a Resident of Krugersdorp (Noordheuwel) and are very much effected by this water interruptions, his wife needs a lot of water to come true the day as the water needs to be pre-boiled etc.

Basic Water is a necessity and everybody’s   human right as set out in Section 27 in the constitution of the Republic of South Africa: the rights to food, water, health care and social assistance, which the state must progressively realize within the limits of its resources. What happened to the (Batho Pele – caring, empathy, respect, recognition, value, reward, compassion and consultation) principals, that was adopted by Local and Provincial Government.

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