Watchdog request premier to intervene with relocation of Cornation Park residents.

We as the Municipality Watchdog will request the premier of Gauteng, Hon. David Makhura to intervene and assist the residents of Cornation Park in Krugersdorp with the relocation to Munisieville, this comes after a court order was obtained by the Mogale City Local Municipality and a court have ruled they must leave the park by the 16th December 2014.

We are unhappy with the temporary shelters that was built for this residents by the Red Ants as the workmanship is sloppy and unacceptable, water is not available on this site and there is no ablution facilities, residents will have to make use of temporary chemical toilets.

Basic Water and sanitation is a necessity and everybody’s   human right as set out in Section 27 in the constitution of the Republic of South Africa: the rights to foodwaterhealth care and social assistance, which the state must progressively realise within the limits of its resources. What happened to the (Batho Pele – caring, empathy, respect, recognition, value, reward, compassion and consultation) principals, that was adopted by Local and Provincial Government.

  • Details: Contact André Pieterse on 082 640 1051, email or visit can follow the Municipality Watchdog on Twitter and Facebook.
Temporary shelters for Cornation Park Residents in Munisieville. Picture Source: Elsabe Colangelo

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