Municipality Watchdog petition against Load Shedding

Please sign this petition and stand together against #Loadshedding in South Africa, residents and businesses don’t need SignThePetition#loadshedding and Eskom must get their act straight.

The Municipality Watchdog will forward the petition to the following people as listed below. Enough is Enough, Genoeg is Genoeg, Panzi #Loadshedding Pazi.
Let’s stand together and unite against #Loadshedding.

CEO Eskom: Tshediso Matona
Minister Trade and Industry: Hon. Rob Davies
President, Republic of South Africa: Hon.Jacob Zuma

Sing the petition: Municipality Watchdog – #Noloadsheding – South Africans unite


Teken asseblief hierdie petisie en staan saam teen #Beurtkrag in Suid-Afrika , inwoners en besighede het genoeg gehad van #Beurt krag en Suid Afrika het dit nie nodig nie, Eskom moet hul daad reguit kry .

Die Munisipale Waghond sal die petisie aan die volgende persone stuur, soos hieronder. Genoeg is genoeg, Enough is Enough, Panzi Loadsheding Pazi .
Kom ons staan saam en verenig teen #Beurtkrag

Uitvoerende hoof van Eskom : Tshediso Matona
Minister Handel en Nywerheid : Hon . Rob Davies
President , Republiek van Suid-Afrika : Hon.Jacob Zuma

Teken die petisie: Municipality Watchdog – #Noloadsheding – South Africans unite


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