Council Solutions

To bridge the gap between local goverment and the public and creating a better South Africa
Company Overview
We work with all property types and all property organisations:- sectional title, agricultural, shopping centres, homeowner associations, buildings, body corporates, estate agents, property managers, investors, listed funds, businesses, developments, auctioneers etc…..
We specialize is managing municipal accounts and problem query/queries -> resolutions, and we will look into your Water, Electricity and Rates account to identify and come up with a solution which will result in savings on your monthly bill.
Please receive below a detailed list of the services we will be offering for Municipal/Utility account management and ad hoc problem query resolution for your review.-( To name a few ) Water disconnection and Reconnection Electricity Disconnection and Reconnection Municipal Credit Applications Council /Municipal Refunds Applications and Change of Postal Address Tariff Restructuring Meter Investigations and Audits Account Reconciliations Municipal Recoveries and Billing Analysis Council Municipal Account Queries and Disputes Opening of New Municipal Accounts Closing Old Municipal Accounts Application of Clearance Figures Clearance certificates Split Charge Applications Cost Comparison Analysis Municipal Accounts Reporting and Trend Analysis.Utilities Consumption Analysis and Calculations Rates Calculations and recoveries Analysis Valuations objections and queries Termination of services Legal collections Payment arrangements Credit Control

The Municipal Systems Act

    The Constitution of South Africa envisages a robust local government system, which can provide democratic and accountable government for local communities and . . .
  • Ensure the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner
  • Promote social and economic development
  • Promote a safe and healthy living environment
  • Encourage the involvement of communities and community organisations in the matters of local government.

The Municipal Systems Act is part of a series of legislation which aims to empower local government to fulfill its Constitutional objects. In 1998 the government issued a Local Government White Paper, which outlined a policy framework for local government.

Later that year government passed the Municipal Demarcation Act, which enabled the re-demarcation of municipal boundaries; and the Municipal Structures Act, which defined the structures of local government.

You can download the full Municipal Systems Act.

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